The Seal

The “STAR” represents Christ, the Light of the Word, the Truth that sets man free. This refers symbolically to St. Dominic. The star was seen to hover and brighten above his head at his baptism.

“LAUDARE”, “BENEDICERE”, “PRAEDICARE”, another Dominican motto which expresses in a nutshell the Dominican life-style.

LAUDARE – to praise God for the wonders of creation. It is the acknowledgement of our dependence on God’s divine providence.


BENEDICERE – to bless and thank God for His goodness in sharing His life and love.


PRAEDICARE – to preach and proclaim the wonderful deeds and mercy of God and to announce the Good News of salvation.

The “CROSS” denotes the spirit of sacrifice which must characterize any Dominican. It expresses a willingness to share in Christ’s sufferings and death to attain fullness of life.

The “CENTER” is divided by the CROSS into four parts. This signifies the four areas of Dominican life as pillars of the SCC Formation Program:

Prayer and sacramental life -Pray Together

Assiduous study -Study Together

Fraternal Life (Community Building) -Play Together

Preaching(Service in all norms) -Serve Together

Each part is colored Black and White. Black signifies the contemplative aspect of Dominican life (Contemplata) and White signifies the apostolic aspect (Aliis Tradere) to contemplate (pray, study and live the Word of God) and to share fruits of contemplation to others (loving service).


Host – Our love and devotion to the Holy Eucharist

Rose – Our love and devotion to Mary, our Mother and Model through the reflection on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Flame – Fire, Love and the Holy Spirit to whim Mother Francisca was devoted.

Heart – (Charity) The mystical heart of St. Catherine of Siena, a heart afire with love for God and neighbor.

Scriptures – The Word of God / Truth which is the center of Dominican life: Word of God that is studied assiduously, prayed and joyfully celebrated, lived lovingly in community and proclaimed in words and deed to all peoples.

Lily – Symbolizes the life of purity in mind and heart of the children of God. SCC Manila 1706 – the distinctive mark of Sta. Catalina College as the cradle school of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena.